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Image to illustrate Divorce matters adviceWilkins Solicitors LLP’s two leading family solicitors have over 40 years’ experience between them of handling family legal work and offer reasonable flexible fees including fixed fee divorces from only £330 including vat  for their services. We do not believe in legal call centres and believe your lawyer needs to see you in person to properly understand your case and to advise you on the best way forward.

We offer advice on:

Divorce More...

Divorce is generally traumatic to everyone involved but the stress can be greatly alleviated by ensuring you have the very best advice from the outset and by achieving a good and hopefully amicable settlement with your former spouse.

Child disputes More...

These may arise within a marriage or between unmarried parents as well as between parents who are divorced. It is generally considered best for the children if these issues can be sorted out through mediation, but when this fails there are a number of court orders that can be applied for through the courts to deal with a range of situations. For more information please refer to our Child Dispute Information Sheet. We offer special reduced rates for private child disputes consultations where you do not qualify for legal aid. Ask about this at your first interview.

Family finance More...

Divorce or separation can have a devastating effect on anyone’s finances, which is why it is important to ensure that you seek proper legal advice. There may be a minefield of financial issues to deal with including:

  • maintenance;
  • capital splits;
  • maintaining your income at a reasonable level;
  • the family home and how to keep a roof over your and your children’s heads;
  • pension splitting;
  • dealing with ex partners who are trying to hide financial information;
  • problems relating to one party moving or hiding assets abroad;
  • clean breaks as opposed to ongoing financial commitments.

Agreements pre- and post-marriage or cohabitation More...

We always encourage our clients to reach amicable settlements to their disputes if possible. Often pre-existing agreements, on which we can advise  can assist in reducing future disputes. Examples of such agreements which we can advise on at a reasonable price are:

  • pre and post nuptial agreements;
  • separation agreements;
  • co-habitation agreements.

Domestic violence More...

If you are the victim of domestic violence it is probably one of the most devastating situations you will ever experience. It is not just the physical injuries that you have, but if you have been assaulted by someone you loved and trusted it would be surprising if you hadn’t also been affected psychologically. However you should not stand for it, and there are legal steps you can take to prevent it happening again. For more information please refer to our Domestic Violence Information Sheet, and call us now on 01296 424681 to request an urgent appointment.

A professional service

Wilkins Solicitors LLP has years of experience in all aspects of these family matters to be able to provide you with the very best advice. Wherever appropriate we will recommend that you consider mediation and can recommend appropriate agencies who may be able to assist you. If this is not successful we will give you confidential, sensitive and practical advice, we can represent you through all the stages of what may be complex court procedures, assist in negotiations and, where necessary, enforce the ultimate settlement. Our rates are competitive and flexible to suit your individual situation. We hold a Legal Aid franchise for family work, and in many instances our clients qualify for publicly funded assistance with their legal costs.

Where can you come and see us for advice?

Although we mainly see clients at our Aylesbury offices, home visits are available in Ampthill, Flitwick and surrounding Bedfordshire villages, Leighton Buzzard and Woburn. Also if you live in the Aylesbury area but are unable to come into the office because you have a disability, we will be happy to make a home visit. If you wish this to be arranged, please contact us on 01296 424681.

If you have a family issue you need to resolve, find out how we can help you by calling 01296 424681 or for less urgent matters please complete our enquiry form.

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