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We are happy to advise and include charitable donations in your will.

Education for life – help a child in your will

Wilkins Solicitors LLP's sponsored child in Kenya, Samantha

Wilkins Solicitors LLP is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring Samantha in Kenya at the Tumaini Timbwani School near Mombasa through Education for Life.

Samantha comes from a poor family which struggles to provide the basic needs in life. Sometimes she comes to school without anything in her stomach. We are informed that she is happy since she joined Tumaini; she has lunch at school and enjoys being at school and playing with friends. Samantha says that she is working hard at school so that she can help her family in the future.

Education for Life is a UK registered charity which has been operating in Kenya for over a decade.  The school includes a nursery, primary school, high school and an orphanage, providing education for children of all ages. The school aims to give children not only the best academic education possible but an opportunity to grow into young adults who are ready to contribute to their community and country.

Unfortunately many children miss school on a daily basis either through sickness or financial need. By choosing to sponsor a child you can ensure that their education continues, increasing their chances of finding employment in later.

If you want to learn more about how you can help, visit the charity’s website or ask us or contact Education for Life, 5 King Street, Carnforth, Lancashire LA5 9DU Telephone 0870 879 1524.

We will offer you a 25% discount in the cost of preparing your will if you leave a donation to this charity.

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