Funding options for family work

We know that funding your case can be a concern. At Wilkins Solicitors LLP we offer various options for funding family legal work, including our family law consultancy (“Pay as you go”) service.

Initial advice sessions for £75 plus VAT

We offer an initial advice session for £75 plus VAT of up to 60 minutes on a fixed fee basis.

Fixed fee divorces from £275 plus VAT

We offer the following fixed fees for divorce work. This work includes the initial consultation and the filing of all of the relevant paperwork at court assuming that it all goes through without a hitch. It does not include any court fees.

Type of service

  • Fixed fee divorce – Petitioner* £475 plus VAT (including 60 minutes initial consultation)
  • Fixed fee divorce – Respondent* £275 plus VAT (including 60 minutes initial consultation)

Full details of the terms and conditions which apply to these fees are available on request at your initial consultation with us.

The “Traditional Way” of representing you – including reduced fees for children only work.

You pay us to manage your case completely. This involves us:

  • Drafting all letters to your opponent;
  • Making applications to court and dealing with all court forms;
  • Offering you ongoing advice on a timed basis;
  • Preparing for court hearings for example by preparing court bundles;
  • Collecting together any evidence you may require such as witness evidence and submitting it to court in an organized way;
  • Dealing with settlement negotiations on your behalf;
  • Arranging representation for you at any court hearings;
  • Advising you as to costs and where appropriate enforcement.

This is comprehensive service for which we take total responsibility and which is charged on a time costed basis.

We offer such a service to clients at reasonable rates and are able to provide estimates for this work. We offer reduced hourly rates for children only cases.

The family law consultancy or (“pay as you go”) service

How does the family law consultancy service work?

  • You are entirely responsible for the conduct of your own case – we do not go on the court record as acting for you or even open a specific file for you.
  • You are responsible for communicating with your opponent and anybody else involved in your case.
  • You only pay us for what you want us to do.
  • You pay us as you go along for specific jobs and services on an agreed fixed basis depending on the job and the complexity of the matter. We advise you in advance what then specific cost of that service is.
  • You are responsible for the payment of all expenses such as court fees.

What sort of matters might you want to pay us for?

After the initial consultation, examples where we maybe able to help with fixed fees include:

  • Completing the Financial Statement known as “Form E” which sets out details of your finances for the court;
  • One-off sessions on financial remedies;
  • Drafting applications to court to allow you to have or to resist contact with your children;
  • Interviewing witnesses and drafting statements;
  • Preparation of indexed court bundles;
  • Representation at court on a fixed price basis;
  • Separation agreements.

(Please note that any fees we quote to you do not include any court fees or other expenses unless we specifically make this clear).

What are the advantages of this service?

  • You save money compared to a traditional method of funding.
  • You remain absolutely in control of your case and your legal fees.

What are the disadvantages of this service?

  • You will remain responsible for the conduct of your file and we will only advise you when you instruct us to do so and pay for that advice on an agreed basis.
  • We will not take telephone calls in relation to your case except on a pre-booked and paid for basis.
  • We take no responsibility that is for the conduct of your case.

Other fixed fee services in family and other work.

We offer fixed fee prices on cohabitation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements and other documents such as wills and powers of attorney.

For further details please call us on 01296 424681 or complete our enquiry form.

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