Job opportunities

Solicitors and legally qualified practitioners

We always welcome approaches from other solicitors or legally qualified fee practitioners with a following who are able to bring new areas of law to our practice.

If you are such a person and wish to discuss this with us please contact Robert Thornton Smith. No agencies please.

Work placements and experience

Please note that we receive almost weekly requests for work placements and experience from Law Students or young people who are interested in becoming lawyers. Unfortunately we are not able to meet this demand but do have in place an arrangement with a local school in relation to this. We always suggest that students may benefit from going themselves to see a trial at a local Court as many such courts are open to the public. In Aylesbury for example there is a Crown Court where this would be practicable.    There are also a County and Magistrates Courts at Milton Keynes.  Students need to make themselves known to the usher and follow their instructions about this.   We are sorry but we unfortunately cannot meet the demands for work experience which are made of us but we wish all aspiring students of law the best in their future careers.

Wilkins Solicitors LLP endeavours to run its business in a way which encourages equality of opportunity and respect for diversity.

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