Wills, probate, power of attorney and deputyship orders

Illustrative image showing ladies of three generationsMost of us are keen to manage our affairs to make the most of our assets during our life and after we die. This means that we need to plan for the future at all stages of our lives and make provisions not just for what will happen when we die, but also how we can protect ourselves if we become unable to attend to our own affairs.

Many of our clients contact us to plan for their old age or to assist with the needs of elderly relatives. We have a dedicated team that can help you with:

  • Wills – Writing your will and advising you on Planning your Estate to meet your individual circumstances;
  • Trusts – general advice on how to set one up and how one might benefit your family;
  • Living Wills – setting out your wishes about medical intervention or treatment at the end of your life;
  • Probate – administering someone else’s estate after their death;
  • Power of attorney – sorting out the management of other peoples’ affairs when they have become unable to manage them themselves and planning for this eventuality;
  • Deputyship orders – what you have to seek if no Power of Attorney is in place and you want to sort out the management of someone’s affairs.
  • Care Home Funding advice – advice on some of the pitfalls in relation to this and how we might be able to help you avoid them.

Download our information sheet on advice for the older client.

Education for Life – help a child in your will

Wilkins Solicitors LLP sponsor a Kenyan child at the Tumaini Timbwani School near Mombasa through Education for Life, and offer a discount against the cost of preparing a will to anyone wanting to leave a donation to this charity.

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