You are never too young to make a Will

Illustative image for Wills showing attractive young family laughingWhilst no one likes to think about death, if you die without making a will, there are legal rules that determine who will receive your property, money and personal possessions. You may not wish these people to benefit; indeed you may have close friends or charities that you are connected with to whom you would like to bequeath gifts, but who would not benefit if you died without making provision for them in a will. Furthermore, your own personal situation may mean you need to make special provisions for dependants or others.

If you have children you need to ensure that they are properly provided for – indeed recent changes in Inheritance Tax Rules could save your family thousands in tax!

As Solicitors specialising in wills and probate, our dedicated team can help you to prepare a will that takes account of your own individual circumstances and appoint executors and trustees to administer your estate and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled after your death. We can also advise you on inheritance tax matters and recommend any action you should take in order to minimise the payment of inheritance tax on your death.

Affordable Prices 

Our basic single Wills start at £200 plus vat, with “Mirror Wills” (for partners)  starting at £300 plus vat.   

Things to think about before making a Will:

  • Executors – who would I like to appoint to follow the terms of my Will after my death?
  • Guardians – Do I need to appoint a guardian to look after my infant children?
  • Legacies – would I like to make any specific bequests to named individuals or to charitable organisations?
  • Residue – who would I like to inherit all of the remainder of my estate?
  • Age of entitlement – if I would like my children and/or grandchildren to inherit from my estate at what age should they be entitled to receive their inheritance?

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